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JUNE 2015....We are celebrating Dr. Tim Weir's 34th year in practice!
  He graduated in 1981 from Palmer College in Davenport, Iowa.   His thirst for learning did not stop in 1981.  In fact, he is currently enrolled in studies in MRI and Injury Certification.  

He has treated thousands of area residents.   He is known all over the world for his book, "You're Not Overcomer's Guide to Fibromyalgia".  His knowledge of car accident injuries have made him the "go to guy" when people are in an accident. Stop by the office and help him celebrate this month.  

If you have been in a car accident, don't go any further.  Don't wait any longer!  Call Dr. Weir today and schedule a consultation with him to discuss your injuries.   Click here for his credentials!



Acute and Chronic Herniated Discs Have Significantly Favorable Outcomes
With Chiropractic Care
95% Reported Improvement
This article is going to focus on the continual growing body of evidence of treatment of herniated discs via conservative care and specifically with a chiropractic spinal adjustment. It considers herniated discs with radicular or leg pain patients.
This research is offered as a community service
from our office.

Chiropractic care isn't just good for back pain.  Those nerves affect other areas of the body.  Read more here:,-not-just-the-area-treated.html
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